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Hagstrom Retroscape Series

Hagstrom started making guitars in Sweden in 1958, and by the early 1960’s our guitars were known and sought after for their quality, playability, and design. Unlike the current “global monoculture” of just a few “classic” designs, electric guitars made in the 1960’s and 1970’s were rich with variety and […]

The Swede Bass

In honor of the Hagstrom classic Swede, the Swede Bass makes a return to the Hagstrom line after nearly 40 years. Featuring a short, 30.75 inch (781mm) scale length, the all mahogany, set-neck Swede Bass offers enormous sustain and easy play-ability.  One of the most important traits inherited from the […]

Super Swede – F

Recipient of the same heart transplant and personality change as its shorter scale length sibling, the Super Swede-F is a heavily chambered version of the Super Swede, offering up a different, but equally compelling, version of tone on tap. More here