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Q: What effects does the DrumLite™ remote controller have?

An overview of the wireless remote functions on every DrumLite by iW Drums

DrumLites for Acrylic and Hybrid Drums

2 RGB LED DrumLite strips custom fit for each drum. Quick Plug ‘n Play Setup – No soldering. No drilling. No cutting. Custom Black XLR Snake Cables Our Difference DrumLite LED Strips are custom made to fit your specific drum sizes Easy plug and play connections for quick take down […]


With DrumLite™ you’ll have everything you need to bring the attention back to where it belongs: YOU!  Gone are the days of twirling your sticks hoping to catch the audience’s eye.  DrumLite™ lets you be the highlight of the show and gives your band a unique stage presence to stand out among the others.  […]