New Vater Products Reviewed by Modern Drummer

New Nude Sticks, Player’s Design Models, and Sound-Enhancing Accessories.

Unobtrusive dampeners, clever percussion attachments, and thoughtful drumstick additions for two alt-rock heavy hittersand everyday hand sweaters.
Vater is good about balancing its catalog with highly practical products and innovative designs and accessories. This year the company introduced unfinished versions of two of its most popular “rock” models, the 1A and 3A, and added custom designs for Primus’s Tim Alexander and 311’s Chad Sexton. Also new are two sizes of clear muting gels, the Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Dry, and a couple of inventive StickMates, which allow you to add shaker or tambourine textures to your grooves via a slim, lightweight plastic grip attachment. It’s all very cool stuff, so let’s take a look. more here